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For consumers, there is always a need to find an affordable health insurance plan.  The Lead Company specializes in delivering real-time health insurance leads, giving consumers direct access to agents and partners who provide the type health insurance plans they need.

  • Agents & Partners - Connect with consumers while they are actively searching for health insurance.  Expand your customer base with individual and volume leads, delivered to you in real time.  Contact Us Today to learn more.

  • Consumers - Let The Lead Company help you find the ideal health insurance provider to match your needs. Get a Quote from a trusted health insurance agent today.

  • Affiliates - We rely on our affiliates to deliver first-class health insurance leads to our agents and partners. If you're a lead provider, we would love to connect with you. Check our Affiliate Resources page to see the benefits of partnering with The Lead Company.

First-Class Health Insurance Leads

Consumers have access to a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing health insurance.  Our innovative, stand-alone approach ensures that they can rapidly connect with agents in their hometown.

Tailored leads greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for consumers to find the right policy, agents and partners often experience a higher close ratio because of a more efficient referral process.

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Competitive Pricing on First Rate Health Insurance Leads

At The Lead Company, we only sell real-time leads from consumers actively seeking quotes for the most affordable health insurance.  Our strategic partnerships allow us to buy high volume leads, and qualify those leads to match them with the appropriate agents.  Ultimately, that should lead to a higher close ratio.

Because of our buying power, qualifying process and superior conversion rates on real-time health insurance leads, agents and partners are able to purchase leads at competitive rates while our affiliates benefit from a large network of trusted buyers.

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Delivering Only Quality Health Insurance Leads

At The Lead Company, we recognize the importance of creating a quality experience for consumers.  We set out to make the process of getting a quote online as smooth as possible.  When we create an efficient, pleasant experience, we realize that those consumers are more likely to close with the agent.

You can count on The Lead Company for consistent delivery of high quality leads, from a local agent requiring only a small number of insurance leads or a larger partner in search of volume health insurance leads for their agent network.

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Find a Reliable Health Insurance Agent Near You

Whether you are on a limited income and need home and auto insurance or self-employed and need to find affordable health insurance, you can find an option that fits your budget.

No matter your insurance needs, the Lead Company can put you in touch with a trusted local agent providing competitive health insurance rates.

Peace of mind is important, and that comes from knowing your family is protected.  Quality health insurance provides a safety net; it can be affordable, and you can rest assured knowing your family will always be covered without the need to compare countless healthcare plans for the best coverage.

Stay Protected. Stay Healthy. Get a Health Insurance Quote Today