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About The Lead Company

Located proudly in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Since 1999, The Lead Company has offered a 100% free referral service to consumers in search of auto, home, life and health insurance. We strive to connect consumers with the perfect insurance agent or company. Through our quality screening process, consumers searching for quotes online are delivered in real-time to local agents specializing in the exact needs of the individual.

As a company, our primary goal is to focus on consumer experience. We do this through an innovative approach that connects the consumer with an insurance professional in real-time. The insurance agent or company can then quickly and effectively satisfy the consumer’s needs. Our technical innovation and stand-alone approach to all aspects of the industry makes the quoting process easy for all parties involved.

The Lead Company is built upon a platform that always puts the customer first. We understand our products are rendered useless if it loses it's focus on the customer. It has been this strategy that has added value to our business and allows for a positive experience for those with whom we work with.

Our innovation in the insurance industry has allowed us to help thousands of consumers connect with insurance agents in their hometowns, allowing them to compare their current insurance to what is available, effectively saving time, money and creating piece of mind. At the same time, those same innovations have allowed agents to add another first-class policy to their book of business.

In order to provide the highest quality leads, we have taken the road less traveled. It was that decision that made The Lead Company stand-alone in our industry. By living out our core values every day, we provide access to quality insurance agents for consumers and empower our partners, agents and affiliates to grow.

Our Core Values

Community - What makes The Lead Company a preferred provider in the insurance space is our focus on community and personable relationships.

We are people behind a brand, and so too are the insurance agencies who utilize our services. We forge relationships, we make personal contact and we work with each individual agency to discover how we can deliver the best possible insurance leads.  The Lead Company is here to help you grow.

Trust - Great relationships are founded on credibility and trust. We have stood strong in this industry for more than 10 years because we are transparent, personable and provide quality leads. Agents and partners trust we will deliver a high quality product, and our affiliates trust us to maximize our buying network to find the best possible home for each and every lead provided.

Fun - From the outside, it might be hard to consider providing insurance quotes and generating insurance leads as fun, but it is a business we absolutely love. It is our passion and brings us pleasure and enjoyment to know we are enriching the lives of consumers by connecting them with the insurance agent necessary to satisfy their needs.

After all, if you don't love what you're doing, why do it? We love our work. We are driven by our passion, and it shows in the relationships we have built.

Growth - We strive to provide quality real-time insurance leads because we know it is what drives business. Connecting with the right agent will help consumers save money on auto, home, life and health insurance. It provides additional income, peace of mind, healthier living and a kind of freedom that everyone should be able to enjoy.  Growth is extremely important to us - both personally and professionally.

That growth has become our mission: To grow as a personable provider of high quality real-time leads, to help our agents, partners and affiliates grow their businesses, and to empower consumers to grow as individuals and families.

At The Lead Company, we are making it happen.