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Agents do more than sell life insurance; they sell piece of mind and security for families. For over 10 years, The Lead Company has connected consumers in search of life insurance with agents nationwide who can match coverage to the needs of the consumer. Our real-time lead process can deliver leads to agents or partners in seconds from the time a quote is requested.

  • Consumers - Gain peace of mind knowing the financial future of your family is secure. Get a Quote from a local life insurance agent today.

  • Agents & Partners - When you need quality, screened life insurance leads, The Lead Company provides the solution. Contact Us Today for life insurance leads in bulk or on an individual basis.

  • Affiliates - The Lead Company utilizes trusted affiliates who provide our agents with quality life insurance leads. Interested in selling leads to us? Visit our Affiliate Resources page for more information.

Get Life Insurance Sales Leads Custom Tailored to Your Agency

Every consumer has different needs; consumers are planning for the future or taking action based on an event which has created a sense of urgency to find the right life insurance plan.  To connect agents and consumers and provide that consumer with the right life insurance policy, the only viable option is real-time life insurance lead processing.

The Lead Company specializes in quality real-time leads, protecting individual agents from dated or aged leads that provide little to no value.  Our process ensures that every lead is qualified and tailored to help you rapidly connect with consumers that are specifically looking for the plans and services you offer.

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Providing a Life Insurance Lead Solution to Every Insurance Professional

To ensure the best experience for our network of agents and partners, we maintain no minimum requirements on the number of leads that can be purchased.

While we frequently purchase high volume leads from affiliates, and sell life insurance leads in large quantities to partners or larger insurance organizations, we also cater to the individual agent.  For a smaller life insurance agency, it is beneficial from every perspective to allow the purchase of low-volume leads, and only charge agents and partners for leads that are purchased.

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Delivering Value through Strategic Partnerships

The Lead Company has consistently grown over the years thanks in part to our focus on developing close relationships with our agents and partners.  In addition, our partnerships with affiliates ensure that we always have access to real-time, quality leads that we can target and deliver to the individual agent. 

To continue supplying those leads, we maintain a process of buying and selling leads in real-time, delivering those leads to a diverse network of agents or partners.

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There is nothing more important than making sure your loved ones are taken care of.  Many live from day-to-day without considering how a sudden illness or accident could impact those around us.  Life insurance takes care of those you leave behind, and it is important to address the need now while you are still capable of making the decision.

Let The Lead Company connect you with a local life insurance agent who can help you make the best decision on which life insurance plan best suits you and your family.

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