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The Lead Company has made quality our number one priority. We know the growth of your agency is dependent on our ability to provide a superior product in auto, home, life and health insurance leads.

Reliable and consistent delivery of quality leads will give your agency the edge necessary to compete in an industry changing daily. The filtering process provided will virtually guarantee each lead purchased matches the ideal client of the insurance company you represent.

Common daily frustrations for agencies often include poor quality and recycled leads. The Lead Company has innovated in the insurance industry to specifically target those issues as improvement areas, effectively saving you time, money and ultimately increasing close ratios. We are a trusted provider of leads for insurance agents because of our quality product and personal approach to doing business.

Filtered Leads – In addition to generating a number of leads through our website, we strategically purchase leads from trusted affiliates allowing us to deliver a consistent flow of high quality leads. Regardless of the source, every auto, home, life and health insurance lead goes through a strict qualifying process, ensuring the product you receive is of the highest quality possible.

Our stand-alone filtering process allows us to utilize information given by the consumer and match them to the insurance company with the most competitive rates. This process ensures the consumer receives the best rate and the agent receives the best consumer. Ultimately, these innovations warrant a higher close ratio and better customer retention over time.

Quality in Volume – The Lead Company applies the same qualifying process regardless of the volume of leads purchased. Whether you choose to buy a handful of leads or high volumes, you can expect the quality to remain top-notch.

Real-Time Leads – The best way to provide agents with quality leads is to generate insurance leads coming from consumers actively searching for quotes. The real-time insurance lead process occurs in seconds, when a consumer submits a request, their information is processed and delivered to you immediately.

This feature allows you to be in contact with every consumer within minutes of their quote request, giving you the best possible opportunity to write the policy.

Personal Experiences – Despite our growth, we have maintained personability and focus on relationships. The goal of this initiative is to continue to work directly with you, learning your business and applying your thoughts and commentary to help strengthen the product we supply to you and others. We want to know the ideal customer for your company, what you look for in a quality product, the volumes that fit your needs, but most importantly, we want you to know that you can contact us anytime. Your success is a positive reflection on our marketing efforts and it will be your long-term feedback and constructive criticisms that allow us to develop the best marketing platform for you.

Why Choose the Lead Company

The Lead Company is a premier provider of insurance leads throughout the United States. Our technical innovation, agency experience and stand-alone approach to the insurance lead industry has improved the agent experience. We have put an end to the common frustrations associated with building a customer base through purchasing leads. Our growth directly reflects the success agents experience with our methods, and the continued innovation of those methods will help to project your agency to the top.

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