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At some point we all end up shopping around for insurance, whether it's life, auto, home or health insurance, and the entire process can be extremely frustrating. Most policies use technical legalese or industry related jargon that is difficult to understand. Not only do you have to deal with wading through endless policy options but pricing can vary widely among agencies.

With the economic fluctuations, and the every-increasing cost of living, so many Americans are forced with sacrificing important insurance benefits in order to save on premiums. When you need home, health, life or auto insurance, you shouldn't have to sacrifice anything in order to get the coverage you need.

The Lead Company is making it easy for you get the right coverage. Our simple process polls general information about the kind of coverage you're looking for, and we use that information to match you with an agent within your area.

You'll actually be contacted by the most qualified, closely matched insurance agent in your region.

Because we closely match your needs to the offering of a life, health, auto or home insurance agent, you'll get just the policy you're looking for that fits your budget.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Your vehicle is your link to the outside world. While you might be a safe driver, you can't control the actions of others on the roadway. Having quality, affordable auto insurance is a must to protect your vehicle as well as your family. You should never have to sacrifice vehicle coverage just to reduce your premium.

We make it simple to get a quote on auto insurance that provides you with the most affordable, complete, comprehensive coverage for your car, truck or work vehicle.

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Health Insurance Quotes

Life happens. When things occur that you can't control, you need to know that your family is taken care of and covered in the event of an emergency. The Lead Company simplifies the process of finding a quote online for health insurance. When you have access to affordable health care, you have peace of mind knowing you – and your family – are always protected.

The Lead Company is simplifying the process, connecting families, individuals and self-employed professionals with affordable health care and health insurance plans.

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Life Insurance Quotes

We won't always be there to provide for our families. It's important to plan for the future and contact an agent today about life insurance. Wading through policies and choices can be difficult. Pair with The Lead Company to submit a quote for life insurance, and we'll put you in touch with a local life insurance agent who can match a policy to your specific needs.

Connect with a local life insurance agent who can help you make the best decision on which life insurance plan best suits you and your family.

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Home Insurance Quotes

Buying a home is one of the best investments you can make, but it's also one of the most important – and potentially costly. Owning a home puts complete responsibility on you for all the repairs, especially when there's an emergency. With a sizable investment, it's important to protect it with the best quality home insurance that won't cost you a fortune each month. You can't stop natural events from occurring, but you can take the steps to protect yourself, your investment and your family.

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