Resources for Affiliates

In order to be successful and continue to grow, our agents and partners must have consistent and reliable access to quality insurance leads.  The highest quality leads come from consumers who are actively searching for auto, home, life and health insurance.

We regularly seek to expand our network of affiliates who can sell us real-time insurance leads.

Leverage a Large Network of Buyers – Over the years we have expanded our base of agents and partners whom have grown to trust us for the quality and reliability of our insurance leads. This ensures that we always have buyers, and leads can be purchased in high volume to meet demand.

Diversity in Buyers – We maintain a balance among the various types of insurance agents and partners we work with. This ensures that there is rarely a greater demand for auto over life insurance or health over home, etc. Our large diverse network includes agents for all insurance types, and agencies of various sizes that results in a consistent demand for high volume leads in all categories.

Competitive Payouts – With our vast network, affiliates can realize rapid growth with competitive bids for their insurance leads.

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Why Choose The Lead Company

Since 1999, we have seen consistent growth and continue to expand nationwide. As our customer base of agents and partners continues to grow, we will need to form additional relationships with affiliates who can consistently deliver quality, real-time insurance leads. We would love to partner with you to continue our expansion and innovation within the insurance lead industry.