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Partners typically have an extended network of insurance agents, specializing in life insurance, home insurance, health insurance and auto insurance.  To service those individual agents, partners require the best in quality when it comes to purchasing and distributing insurance sales leads throughout their network of contacts.

The Lead Company offers the most innovative approach to providing your agents with first-class leads.

Competitive Pricing – Our buying power allows us to acquire leads at competitive rates, providing you with a fair price point when you purchase those leads for the agents in your network.

Custom Tailored Leads – Individual agents and the companies they represent have different needs when it comes to home, health, life and auto insurance leads.  Through our innovative lead qualifying process, we tailor insurances leads in real-time to match the needs of the agent and those of the consumer without sacrificing response time.  This allows for a faster, often higher close ratio.

High Volume Leads – For partners that require home, auto, life and health insurance leads in bulk, we have strategic partnerships with affiliates to ensure that no matter how many insurance leads you need for your network, we can always meet the demand.

Only Quality Leads – All leads are acquired and delivered in real-time, offering your network direct access to consumers who are actively searching for life, home, auto or health insurance.  This has allowed us to bring an end to some of the most common frustrations in the insurance industry.

Why Choose The Lead Company

When you buy volume leads through The Lead Company, you are working with a preferred provider of insurance leads.  Our technical innovation is a stand-alone approach, ultimately changing the way agents and partners gain access to quality insurance leads in the digital age. Our unique business model ensures that partners gain meaningful revenue while providing opportunities for consistent growth among your network of agents.

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